What does the C value on the battery mean? And what effect does the C value have on the battery?

April 17 14:47 2024

The c-rate is the governing measurement of what current a battery is charged or discharged at. The capacity of the lead-acid battery is expressed by the AH number measured at the discharge rate of 0.1C. For the lead-acid battery, the smaller the discharge current of the battery is, the more energy it can discharge. Otherwise, the larger the discharge current is, the smaller the capacity will be comparing to the nominal capacity of the battery. In addition, the larger charge and discharge current will have impact on the life span of the battery. Therefore, it is recommended that the charge discharge rate of the battery should be 0.1C, and the maximum value should not exceed 0.25c

Battery charging and discharging current (l) = nominal capacity of battery (ah)* C value

The battery is soaked in water depending on what kind of battery! lf it is a fully enclosed maintenance-free battery, soaking the water is fine. Because external moisture cannot penetrate the inside of the electricity. Rinse the surface mud after soaking in water, wipe it dry, and use it directly after charging. lf it is not a maintenance-free lead-acid battery, because the battery cover has vent holes.the accumulated water will flow into the battery along the vent holes after soaking water. Electrolyte requirements are very high, it must be pure water + dilute sulfuric acid.

Some people don’t understand, there is no replenishment of dis-tilled water when rehydrating, but the figure is convenient to add tap water, well water, mineral water, etc. often the battery will be damaged before long! When the non-maintenance-free battery soaks water, the electrolyte will be contaminated, causing serious self-discharge, electrode plate corrosion, etc., and the battery life will be severely shortened. lf the battery is soaked with water, the electrolyte should be replaced in time. Pay attention to the electrolyte that has been replaced to prevent it from causing harm to the environment!

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