Low-Coders Launches Viraplan – The First Viral Defense Planning Platform to Help Health Officials Win Their Local Fight against Coronavirus / Covid-19

February 13 11:36 2020
For the first time, local health planners and officials have access to a comprehensive, integrated platform that helps them model viral patient loads, manage PUIs, and implement infection containment – while simultaneously managing facilities, people, and logistics.

MIAMI – Low-Coders today launched Viraplan, a new platform as a service (PaaS) aimed at helping local health planners and officials build and execute more effective Covid-19 viral defense plans (VDPs).  The first tool of its kind, Viraplan addresses the crucial need for an integrated, real-time system tracking projected and current patient loads, containment efforts, staffing requirements, pop-up medical facilities, services, logistics, and more.

“Local health planners and officials face an overwhelming task when creating a Viral Defense Plan today – when their primary planning and management tools are email and (dozens, if not hundreds) of spreadsheets,” said Ty Shewmake, Low-Coders’ CEO.  “Estimating and managing patient loads, required staffing levels, shifts, supplies, services, costs, and rental equipment is a huge challenge under the best of circumstances – and even harder to get right without a truly integrated and real-time system of record.  Changing estimates and emerging trends make current spreadsheets obsolete, and require constant revision.  Often, planners spend more time editing and revising spreadsheets than actually planning.”

Viraplan changes all that – offering health planners and managers a secure, integrated, multi-user viral defense platform. Driven by our customers preparing for the emerging Covid-19 threat, Low-Coders built Viraplan from the ground-up to provide users the unprecedented ability to mount and manage a truly integrated local viral defense.  With deep experience in large systems deployment and a pedigree that includes logistics management and biological defense, Low-Coders was perfectly positioned to conceive and develop a ground-breaking platform supporting local health planners and officials.

“Viraplan is a game-changing tool for local health planners and officials,” said Shewmake.  “With integrated real-time communication and mobile capabilities, Viraplan connects local health officials with internal and external staff in the field at every level – from investigators, to temporary field hospitals, to quarantine facilities, to screening points – all in real-time.  We built Viraplan to become the gold-standard in viral defense planning”.  At this early stage in the Covid-19 event, planners are asking what local infection rates might be, what equipment and supplies will be required, what the containment plan looks like, and what their viral defense plan will cost.  Viraplan does all that – and more.

As an online subscription platform, Viraplan can be live in a matter of hours – in a single location or 100.

To arrange an interview, contact Ty Shewmake at [email protected], or +1 813 444 8574.

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