Hohem Releases Hohem Go, a New Selfie Gimbal with Face Tracking, Gesture Control, and Tracking Holder for Vlogging

September 30 10:48 2022

Recognized around the world as the leading gimbal technology company that has been around for decades, Hohem has been releasing various smart stabilizers solutions and products with renowned innovations in each new release. The latest release from Hohem is a selfie gimbal with face tracking, gesture control, and tracking holder for vlogging called Hohem Go. This is a new selfie gimbal from Hohem that offers advanced features to give the users the capability to capture each action they perform.

The company has been around in creating various gimbal products that give various advantages to the users. It has released the most lightweight 3-axis smartphone gimbal in the world, and the company also has around 70% market share in the action camera stabilizer industry.


Hohem Go, the newest selfie gimbal released by Hohem, features the smooth and intelligent face tracking system powered by the Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to help track the user’s face and movements when they use the gimbal. Combined with the complex and advanced algorithms, Hohem Go can track the user’s face and body movements in 360-degree, allowing the user to always get on frame all the time. It makes the new Hohem Go selfie gimbal the best partner for live streaming, action video creation, and video calling.

The new Hohem Face Tracking Selfie Stand for Phone, Hohem Go, also features the gesture control that allows the user to control the gimbal hands-free. There are various gestures the user can use to activate various commands in the new Hohem Go gimbal. For instance, the user can make the PALM gesture to stop the tracking mode on the gimbal, and the OK gesture will re-enable the tracking mode from the selfie gimbal. The user can learn about various other gestures to command the gimbal while using it.


The new Hohem Go selfie gimbal is also free from the use of Bluetooth and app, meaning that the user can use the gimbal with even more privacy and security. This selfie gimbal/stand has its own built-in camera to help track the user’s movements and keep them in frame, and with no app to use, the user can use this gimbal for various video calling and video creation apps, such as YouTube, TikTok, Skype, and many others.


With the clamp-able and lightweight design of the new Hohem Go selfie gimbal, the user can put their smartphone or tablet on the gimbal with no problem. The user can also hold the gimbal in their hand or put the gimbal down on a flat surface by using the stand function. The maximum smartphone or tablet screen size to fit into the gimbal is around 11 inches, and the maximum weight capacity is around 1.06lbs.

Another important aspect of the new Hohem face tracking selfie stand for phone, Hohem Go, is that it has a 2,000 mAh battery that the user can use for up to 10 hours on a single charge. Also, it supports the fast-charging function that allows the user to charge the gimbal in just 2 hours until full charge. Customers can get the new Hohem Go selfie gimbal for just $59.99 on Amazon and other online retailers, and the company accepts orders from the worldwide customers.

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