LEBEN – The Trusted Data Exchange Platform May Master The Future Of Healthcare Industry

November 28 18:50 2018

Until now, there’s a lot of pain points in medical healthcare industry, and the main point is that the data and information are isolated throughout hospitals and others. One pain point is the unbalanced medical resource allocation, for example, the advanced medical technology and medical services are mainly concentrated in cities, while in rural and grass-roots medical institutions, the medical technology and medical services are much limited resulting in low quality services for local residents. Another pain point is the poor information communication. For example, the doctors’ medical knowledge cannot be disseminated; the patient medical data do not shared and medical resources with high research value cannot be used in a reasonable and compliant manner.

Specially, many problems exist widely in the current medical system and seriously will restrict the sustainable and stable development of the whole industry. Whereas, these medical resources and knowledge could effectively improve the quality of human life and enhance the people’s sense of well-being, but they’re regarded by the industry as an inaccessible treasure due to various reasons.

LEBEN - The Trusted Data Exchange Platform May Master The Future Of Healthcare Industry

The LEBEN platform focuses on solving the pain points of medical data trusted exchange, medical data sharing, visualized medical knowledge exchange, and visualized medical knowledge sharing. It also removes the barriers of data sharing among various medical institutions. This will achieve secure exchange, compensated sharing, and controllable transmission of medical data on a global scale.

P: Data Exchange Platform Ecosystem
Data Exchange Platform Ecosystem

Data exchange is the core function of LEBEN. Based on blockchain consensus protocol, LEBEN makes use of its credibility, security and tamper-resistance characteristics to transfer data from centralized storage to the decentralized blockchain.

Data exchange platform typically deals with two scenarios: simple exchange and composite computing.

P: Simple Exchange Process
Simple Exchange Process

Simple exchange satisfies the data requirement for users only exchanging medical resource. For example, the data user first selects one or multiple types of data on the data exchange platform, and then the user and the owner will sign a smart contract until an executable transaction contract generated. And it will integrate the multiple results and return a final result to users.

P: Resource Exchange Process
Resource Exchange Process

Composite computing is a more complex application, which integrates three main value carriers – data, algorithm, and computing power than simple computing. The result of computing is generated by different steps, firstly, data users first select multiple data and algorithms on the data exchange platform, then group the data and algorithms and sign a smart contract which depends on their execution process. Finally, the data and algorithm are scheduled and the calculation results are integrated driven by smart contract, and it will be delivered to users.

P: Pro. Haogang ZHU
Dr. Haogang ZHU

Chief Architect of LEBEN, Dr. Haogang ZHU pointed out the research on how to share data in a more reliable way is our new research direction, by doing so, we can get more data from various research institutes in a more efficient and low-cost way, so we can effectively train artificial intelligence models and that’s our original intention to create LEBEN project.


LEBEN is a global collaboration platform for smart contracts in the medical industry, which characterized by “medical knowledge effective sharing” and “medical data trusted exchange”. It integrates medical artificial intelligence and blockchain technology.

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