6.3 trillion Giant investors launches Global Digital Capital Management Programme

November 28 18:35 2018

At the 30th anniversary of the creation of BlackRock, a new generation of Wall Street godfathers after the financial crisis launched BlackRock MeloHill into multinational digital asset management.

MeloHill Global Digital Asset Management Program No. 1 is an asset management program that carries the heavy burden of the past and the future. MeloHill will build on the Group’s 30 years of experience and technology in the financial field.

BlackRock has a legendary performance that eclipses all its rivals: managing $6.3 trillion of assets, surpassing the size of Europe’s biggest economy, Germany, in 2017, and redefining Wall Street control.

This year, BlackRock released three broad directions for the next 30 years:

  1. The evolution of artificial intelligence system
  2. Excavating the value of Chinese economic development
  3. Blockchain bottom technology investment and capital management business

Now BlackRockMeloHill, based on the technology behind the blockchain and the application of AI decision systems, has launched the Global Digital Asset Management Program, which uses technology to help custodians’ wealth increase faster.

The investment areas of the plan include, but are not limited to:

1. American ETF open index fund

2. Multinational stock quantitative investment

3. Real estate investment in the emerging world

4. Fixed income investment

5. Monetary funds and government bonds

6. Alternative investment

7. Merger and investment of cutting-edge technology infrastructure companies, including: genetic engineering, artificial intelligence, new materials, new energy, Internet of things

8. Bitcoin futures contract

9. High quality Digital currency AI quantitative transaction

10. M & A Investment of large Block chain Exchange

11. Investment in incubating technology with Blockchain tip

12. Blockchain bottom Application Enterprise M & A Investment

At present, the Group’s own development of Aladdin system has been far better than other competitors in the market, the world of capital management. Since the global financial crisis, Wall Street’s power and reputation has shifted from a seller’s investment bank to a buyer-funded company, and BlackRock, which specialized in passive investment and risk management, has become the world’s top government official and the most consulted financial institution on Wall Street. MeloHill will also be a model for innovation, creating wealth for more businesses and individuals.

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