Chinese Plant Stem Cell Extraction Compound Drink – Placenta Landed on New York Times Square to Enter the Global Market!

November 28 18:01 2018

In 2015, Tu Youyou, a Chinese female scientist, adopted the technology of isolation, extraction and concentration of plant stem cell elements to extract “artemisinin” from sweet wormwood. The artemisinin completely eliminated the intractable malaria disease and saved countless people who are suffering and facing death and illness in Africa with poor living conditions. She also won the Nobel Prize as well. The good news shocked the world medical circles, it not only made the whole world respect the Chinese female scientist who was over 80 years old, but also made it an important contribution to the modernization of Chinese medicine. People began to re-examine the Chinese people for thousands of years using plants for treatment and health care, it is scientific and reasonable.

In the award-winning keynote speech, Tu said that “artemisinin is a gift from Chinese traditional medicine to the world.” The success of Tu is an important milestone in the field of modernization of Chinese medicine. It marks that China’s history of using natural Chinese herbal medicine to treat diseases and keep healthy for thousands of years has been recognized by the international community and officially went to the world stage to benefit the mankind.

A comprehensive plant stem cell compound solution product, which is extracted from “new resource foods” composed by 39 types natural plants and complies with national standards biological reacted with probiotics after allocation, was born in China! This drinkable compound liquid product, which is taken from various natural plants and isolated and extracted by scientific means, is called placenta.

It combines Chinese traditional unique plant formula and high-tech to mix roots, stems, leaves, fruiting bodies and pollen, etc., through scientifically addition and subtraction, extraction, concentration, superfine, blending according to the situation and then use biotechnology to make it out. The plant stem cell composite drink is the perfect combination and witness of modern high technology and ancient Chinese medical science.

This pure plant-derived plant stem cell compound drink, placenta can effectively differentiate and regenerate various body cells, tissues and organs with specific functions, and replace or repair dead, damaged cells, tissues, organs, etc. At the same time, stem cells can continuously secrete various growth factors and immune regulatory factors necessary for human body, directly stimulate and activate the body’s cells, tissues, organs repair and regeneration functions, thereby achieving the purpose of repairing damage, treating diseases, and delaying aging. Let people become invigorated from the inside out.

Under the policy of China’s the Belt and Road, the placenta is actively promoting the development of the global market. It has not only passed the US FDA certification, but also obtained the SGS international EU certification! In November 2018, placenta, the drink that was made in China come to the crossroads of the world – Times Square in New York, and announced to the world that it will officially enter the global market!

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